Our Business Solutions

Regardless of which industry you work in, the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, suppliers and clients is essential. At SpeakShake, we’re great believers in good communication. After all, it’s good communication which helps us to learn from others, generate new ideas, achieve our goals and work better together.

This is why we created a platform for businesses. Our typical client is an organisation with international offices looking for an effective team-building solution on how to overcome language and cultural barriers within the workplace, improve its cross-cultural communication and enhance brand harmonisation.

For our clients, a private portal is created for the employees of the organisation to connect to SpeakShake, whereby each employee can connect with a foreign employee from the same organisation to create 30-minute structured video-conversations. During each conversation, the employees are assisted by our tailor-made conversational cards. With these, each employee can learn about the business language and culture related to his or her organisation and industry, and understand better the business activities of his or her international colleague. Employees can choose from hundreds of cards and improve their business etiquette by learning when is the best time of day to contact their suppliers in Spain, how to address their clients in Japan, or how to sign off an email to an American colleague, for example. The first 15 minutes of the conversation are spent speaking in the employee’s native language, before switching to spend the next 15 minutes speaking in their partner’s native language. The integrated questions and key words have been designed to help your employees start a conversation and progress quickly and efficiently, developing new vocabulary along the way.

SpeakShake enables employees to build closer relationships with the people they work with and boost their confidence in speaking in a foreign language. Our method, accredited by the Institut Français, allows each employee to learn in a private environment and enjoy the opportunity of getting to know their colleagues on a 1-2-1 basis.

If you’re an international organisation, no matter how big or small, and are looking for a solution to overcome the language and cultural barriers faced by your employees, please get in touch at to see how we could help.