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Here at SpeakShake, our very first experiences of learning a language were at school. So, we wanted to bring SpeakShake back into this great learning environment by offering classroom-to-classroom online language exchanges for schools, colleges and universities.

SpeakShake has created a platform dedicated to students to support their languages studies and enable them to put into practice what they’ve learnt from their classes. Schools are invited to register via a private portal on our platform dedicated entirely to students and will be matched with another school whereby students from both twinned schools will be able to converse together and create 1-2-1 30-minute structured video-conversations; 15 minutes in one student’s native language, followed by 15 minutes speaking in the other student’s  language.

Why should you incorporate SpeakShake into your teaching methods? Most importantly, the learning of a language is not solely based on how well one can read and write. Rather, being able to speak is the key. We have been praised and recommended by the Institut Francais for being one of the best online learning methods available today and we’re already seeing success with the schools who have already registered onto our exchange programme. Students will benefit from the opportunity of being able to practise individually in a safe environment, whilst teachers will receive weekly performance reports for their students to track their progress. All of the administration involved in matching schools together will be handled by the SpeakShake team, as we understand that teachers already have enough on their plates.

Online safety is very important here at SpeakShake, and we have implemented many several safeguards to ensure the safety of each student using our site, such as the requirement of parental consent by the student’s parents and the validation of each student’s registration by their teacher before accessing our platform. If you are a teacher from a modern foreign language department and are looking for new and innovative ways to help your students’ advance with their language studies, please get in touch at Discuss with us your students’ needs and we’ll do our best to match you up with an appropriate school to exchange with online.

For universities and higher education institutions with students over the age of 18, we can also offer the opportunity to twin your institution with another university and exchange during class time, or allow your students to access our platform out of school hours to exchange with members of the public as part of their private study.